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Nail Enhancements at Our Salon


Full Set Acrylics

w/ Shellac/Gel 

w/ Colored Powder 

w/ Ombre

( SORRY, We don't do the regular POLISH on powder NAILS ) !!!

**Special Shape 

**Take Off (re-do the new one)   

**Extra Long 

We're able to do any nail designs. Price varies depending on what you want!

**Make sure to ask for an estimate before our nail technicians start on your nails.

Acrylics Fill

w/ SAME Colored Powder  
w/ Shellac/Gel 
w/ Colored Powder 
w/ Ombre 
Any Change Different Shape 
Refill with LONG Nails the prices would be extra 

acrylic powder.jpg
dipping powder.jpg

Dipping Powder

w/ One Color 

w/ Ombre 

w/ French Tips 

**Add Tip 

**Special Shape 

**Add Manicure 


w/ Shellac/Gel 

w/ Regular Polish 

w/ No Polish 

**Add French 

Color Change w/Shellac/GEL 

Color Change w/regular Polish 

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